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Tue, 21 Oct 1997 20:33:16 -0500

>p.s. You can view the T-grid at
>David McFadzean


Some belated comments on the T-grid in light of recent discussions:

Though I remember it was to be multidimensional (and that the corners folded
in--perhaps in many numbers of ways...) the illustration seems to indicate
that two people coming from different perspectives are opposed in some way.
Further, though the point represented for--I assume--a "rational" point of
agreement (after "blind faith" has been subtracted from the equation) seems
to be in the positive/positive quadrant. Also, while "blind faith" is
obviously a shady area (something of a pun in that this portion is shaded in
the illus.) the rationale for labeling this area such isn't obvious (this
relating to the idea that if we can't call belief without evidence "faith"
what can we call it?). Finally, though there are 4 quadrants, there is no
apparent mechanism for a line of reasoning to run parallel through false and
into true (or if these lines were turned, no reason to run them from lack of
evidence and into evidence...though this last seems more rational as one
MIGHT begin with a *lack* of evidence; but would this translate as "false"?).

Quickly my beefs with the idea are: 1. It appears to operate under an
assumption of opposition, 2. It seems to imply that social agreement is a
criteria for truth, 3. It seems to imply a hidden 3rd perspective, "blind
faith", which--ironically--brings two people into a sort of agreement
through negation, and 4. It implies a willful stance is needed to discern
truth (While one might say that the path of least resistance is
"skepticism", a diagonal line, the graph shows reasoning to occur at a
tangent to this line, in perpendiculars).

In reply I might say that the agreed upon but undiscernible shady area is
"truth", that "acceptance" rather than skepticism is the line of least
resistance and that it runs diagonally from a point 0,0 objectivity--from
"obvious" through only one quadrant the positive/positive quadrant...that
"truth" would therefore inhabit the two adjoining quadrants (with the
remaining negative/negative quadrant being left for bold-face lying and
"deceitfulness"...perhaps the word searched for which implies "belief
without evidence", in any of its guises).


PS I have an illustration but cannot get it to transfer to my
ftp...available upon request or at a later date.

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