virus: sins

Eric Boyd (
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 18:39:25 -0400


Marie wrote:

> Just had one more thought before I go get on the jet and head for
> Seattle... Do you think it is possible for me to convince you that
> is a myth? I have stopped believing in sin. You can not imagine the
> load that took off my back... :0)

I like it if you could convince me to stop believing in sin too...

I remember a long time ago when I told Evelyn that I really liked the
Bible quote (paraphrase) "for it is what comes *out* of a man that make
him unclean, for out of men's hearts come <sins>" (see Matt 15... not my
exact quote, but certainly matthew's version of the same speech)

I've realized now that I must have liked it because I thought I was a
sinner... we all sin. (it's pretty hard not to when even *looking* at a
woman is called "adultery" Matt 5:28)

I see that "sin" is a Bible invented concept. That doesn't mean I'm
not caught up in, though.

Then there is that great cycle Sin --> guilt --> "atonement"

And since the last doesn't work for me (I can't honestly believe in a
divine scape goat[1]), I'm left with guilt.



[1] What a mockery of Justice Jesus is!