Re: FW: virus: God's Invisible Hand

Sodom (
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 11:10:11 -0400

> How can you "save" me Richard. I thought that was the perogative of
> the Son of God? Which God is it you serve? I should like to know.
> I may be brash, stubborn and many other things--but I've always let
> you know where I stand. And when I am truly convinced that I am
> wrong, I will be the first to say so--I hope. Cathy

Cathy, I propose that you are incapable, even as a test or joke, of
saying "I don't believe in God, or Jesus. I believe they do not exist".
Unless you copy and paste it that is. i believe that no matter the
circumstances, you will not be convinced - you are incapable, at any
cost, of not believing.
This is not intended as an isult, but an observation. You are hard wired
into believing, and for your sake, I do hope that you are right.