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Wed, 22 Oct 1997 11:45:00 -0600

The Sacred Cyborg by Richard Barbrook


[teaser quote:]
Responding to this spiritual hunger, many different varieties
of mystical positivism are now flourishing. From the mathematics
of chaos to the development of hypermedia, the latest advances
in science and technology are raided for their magical significance.
For instance, some gurus are championing the concept of memes: the
self-replicating cultural entities which supposedly control our
destiny. This new faith claims inspiration from the latest
researches in evolutionary theory, which used to be the fiercest
opponent of religion. Yet, at the same time, the memes cult also
believes that matter is controlled by spirit, which has been the
basis of religion for thousands of years. While many people find
it impossible to accept that gods and angels could control their
lives, they are happily able to believe in exactly the same concept
as long as these spirits are renamed memes.

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