Re: virus: Logic and Purpose

Sodom (
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 13:37:21 -0400

Marie Foster wrote:

> I was being imprecise again sorry. What I meant was it is out of my
> hands what happens after I die. However, in reading your response...
> even if I did not communicate that clearly, I like your idea even
> better
> and I will be incorporating that into my creed. Like you I take
> responsibility for my actions. My supervisor chided me this morning
> that I need to stop aplogizing when things happen that are not my
> fault. This is a separation I still need to work on.
> I am caught up in that fault - no fault thing even though I also
> decided
> a long time ago that things usually just happen.... and no one is "at
> fault" at least in the way we commonly think.
> Have a good day.
> Marie

I think we pretty much agree totally then. I cannot say that I know
what happens after death. i do hope that I am wrong, and that all the
good people go to some "higher" realm and have happy afterlives. It
would be worth me suffering for eternity, if others have heaven - I'll
take the trade.