Re: virus: The story-telling ape

Brett Lane Robertson (
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 17:53:30 -0500

[I found the rest of your post very interesting and I think your model
has some merit. If you are interested, you might look into Marshall
McLuhan's ideas about visual (literate) space and acoustic (tribal) space.
There are a number of titles availiable through amazon if search for
him as an author.] (Reed)


Finally got the graphic up at
(which I also said in another thread, but in case you're interested and
missed it there). I hope David Mc looks at it and gives his opinion since
he's studied this idea. I have been backing up the idea of translation in
several threads--he should return the favor. Any one else that has given
the idea of translation some thought, give me your impression of how a
"cooperative" t-grid seems better than one based on "blind faith" and
"skepticism" (as I think it is).


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