Re: virus: Goal of the church?

Brett Lane Robertson (
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 16:01:21 -0500

My *nudge* idea was that there is no way to eliminate a "thing that is
bad for us" once it has been created. (I knew there was some reason for
reading that story about Pandora.) But perhaps if we could calculate
the correct angle of attack, we could add something to the original
kernal that would deflect it into a better trajectory. (And Heinlein
raises his fist in salute?) I think he might agree that we probably
will not also be able to 'reason' our way out.

BTW Have you ever read "The Grand Inquisitor"?

Whew. Not sure if that is any better but my neurons have timed out!
And my lunch hour is almost up. Is this what you understood from my



Haven't read the book.

Yes, the new interpretation seems to make sense on some levels.

But (and this line of reasoning isn't firm yet): I see memetics functioning
by saltatation--that we jump from one memetic paradigm to
nudge, no new trajectory. I put "old" memetic paradigms on a different
level for different selection criteria; that is, If it is no longer moving
forward--if it is no longer selecting for self-improvement (it might be
hostile, or self-destructive, or ambivalent, etc.)--if it is not advancing
evolution then it is "genetic". And I use "genetic" to mean that it is
competing for *chance* reproduction--"chance" being contrasted here from
"self-directed" replication.

But, on another level...sure! There are certain memetic manipulations
(manipulations that mimic the meme meme) that can affect the traits of
"Christian hostility", both pro and con. I just think that these efforts
will only marginally address Christianity or hostility :)


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