Re: virus: Goal of the church?

Marie Foster (
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 16:29:14 -0700

Brett Lane Robertson wrote:

> But, on another level...sure! There are certain memetic manipulations
> (manipulations that mimic the meme meme) that can affect the traits of
> "Christian hostility", both pro and con. I just think that these efforts
> will only marginally address Christianity or hostility :)
> Brett

I feel I have made real progress in being clear about what I mean. Here
is a question for you. Do you feel we could push the gene - meme
metaphor too far? Perhaps at the heart of genetics is a binary system
maybe not. But we (humans) are working towards an understanding of this
from the complex. Perhaps if we can sort out the ways that memetics is
different from genetics, we can get a better handle on what it really

I have two BTW's for you.

I think you would enjoy "The Grand Inquisitor". It is not a book but a
chapter in "The Brothers Karamazov". In the novel the main characters
are Ivan who is an athiest and his brother Alyosha, a priest. In this
chapter Ivan tells a story. He asks Alyosha to consider what might have
happened if Christ had returned to earth during the inquisition and was
recognized. The Grand Inquisitor tells Christ why he will have to put
Him to death again and then tells him why.

In this telling Ivan exposes how the church has destroyed the very heart
of the real message of Christ. And in doing so he shows that, while
sincere, Alyosha's ministry is harmful and actually does the opposite of
what he intends. It is very powerful stuff. Not only does the athiest
have a better understanding of human nature, but he shows a better
understanding of Christ's message. He also shows why the core message
of Christianity is so compelling. ..... I was going to summarize the
core message, but I hope I have interested you enough that you will find
this chapter and spend an hour or so with the words. I bet you $5.00
that you will feel it was worth the time.

I grabbed this quote from and offer it as a challenge. "If
you haven't read The Brother's Karamazov, you simply have not truly


And on a lighter vein, have you noticed that the older you get the more
you can get away with wearing really strange clothes?