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Brett Lane Robertson (
Fri, 24 Oct 1997 14:30:23 -0500


I appologize for assuming that there were any legal implications in the
posting or failure to post the email which contained my assessments of David
R's comment on "redistribution". Although before I said that it *appears*
my post was returned undeliverable due to supposedly inflamatory remarks;
seems I was in error, as the post *must* have been delivered--for, here is
the response, oops).

Appologies especially in order for David Mc. He is a wonderfuly fair and
patient man who is doing a superb job.

Just watching my own arse, and my crack is showing :)


At 12:49 PM 10/24/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Brett wrote:
>>>Brett--If you read my post again, you might find I wasn't talking about
>>>issue of "redistribution of wealth" as a main focus, since it was in the
>>>context of memetic evolution...(DH)
>>I still see redistribution of wealth as having very little relevance to
>>memetics even in the context within which it was brought up.
> If too many people are either constantly dealing with day-to-day
>survival, persuing monetary gain for its own sake, or spending all their
>time consuming, there would be less effort spent on advancing memetic
>evolution--an activity which supposedly leads to progress. If you take the
>view that people's minds are resources worth cultivating, it might be a
>good investment to redistribute wealth so that more people participate in
>memetic evolution, which would pay-off in the long run, since there would
>be faster progress toward, say, harnessing energy more efficiently.
> >And my
>>personal assessment is that governmental reform is a particular issue of
>>yours which will continue to be brought up if someone doesn't help you
>>it into perspective.
>Can you go into the archives and show me how I keep bringing up government
>reform? You might be getting mailing lists mixed up like you did before.
>Then again, Brett, thanks for helping me place my "government reform issue"
>in proper perspective.
>--David R.

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