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Marie Foster (
Sat, 25 Oct 1997 11:20:32 -0700

Eric Boyd wrote:
> Hi;

> Faith is fine, as long as one is willing to *look* at evidence that
> others present to you. How many Christians do that?
> (I've been corresponding with Cathy lately... she hasn't looked!)
> ERiC

How about one? I can count myself. I also think that Fyodor M.
Dostoevsky would as well. And his contribution to memetics was pretty
significant. I just looked him up on Amazon and find 106 books (some
multiple editions of the same title) listed there that either he
authored, or have been written about him. (Yes, he is my favorite
author.) I also noted as I scanned the list that "The Grand Inquisitor"
is available as a stand alone item and it only costs $3.50.

Perhaps the person who took the time to transcribe the chapter onto a
web page might be counted as another.


This man in his writings caused me to see that the most significant
aspect of the Christ meme (to get around the myth vs history issue which
I do not care about either way) is what happened in those 40 days in the
desert... The miracles, his death and resurection, his birth (see
below) etc. pale in comparison to the refusal to take the devil up on
his offer.

He also shared my observation that churches for the most part can be
just as grubby and as contemptable as *any* other human construction. I
was RIGHT! [The grubby and contemptable parts are only part of the

As always Eric I enjoy your ideas.


(below) The whole virgin thing might have been a mistranslation of an
earlier text. Seems that someone may have confused virgin with young