virus: Faith

Reed Konsler (
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 05:23:18 +0100

>OK, I would agree with "<faith> is not necessarily good, in many cases it
>is a dangerous and parasitic meme."

Memes, as I understand the term, cannot be "dangerous and parasitic".
This would confuse memes with mind-viruses, or self-propagating
memetic constructs. Of course, this depends on which defintions we
use. It isn't that I disagree with the statement, but why are we
biasing ourselves? Right now I see you as saying:

"Lets Agree:

Faith is not necessarily good, and is often bad.
Rationality is not necessarily bad, and is often good."

:-) Come on, David, is this a real thought experiment or what?
If these things you hold so dear are as true as you think we will
return to them as unerringly as if attracted to the firmament by
gravity. I'm simply asking you to drop both spheres from
the tower with equal disinterest.

>Now if we could just convince Brother Reed to come over to the dark side
>I'd like to start discussing the situations in which it is reasonable to
>be unreasonable. Just a few weeks ago I would have said that there are no
>such situations, but I've changed my mind (with qualifications) due in
>large part to Reed's, Richard's and your postings.

:-) But, I thought I WAS on the dark side! :-)


Reed Konsler