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William Roh (
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 12:19:25 -0800

Marie L. Foster wrote:
> >Eva-Lise Carlstrom wrote:
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> >> Sodom/Bill:
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> >> When I have a child, it will be with the understanding that by doing
> >> so I
> Bill responds
> > When I have a child, it will be to further my genetic line. I believe
> >that this universe is neither benevolent nor malevolent but is very
> >dangerous. I will therefor attempt to give my genetic offspring every
> >tool I can to control the universe around them, and to thrive in a
> >Universe beyond imagination. I will "love" my child because in my
> >experience "love" is a valuable tool for overall happiness and success,
> >and I believe, it is built in to our DNA regardless of experience. I do
> >not know that the world can be a better place, and hope, but don't
> >expect it to be for my child. I will try to make it better for my child,
> >but am more interested in giving them the tools necessary to survive in
> >ANY world. There is no "faith" involved at all.
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> >Sodom
> >
> That child will test everything you believe if you do your job as a parent
> and will drive you nuts. What if you spawn a zealot? (That was a jest...
> my own case was that I value knowledge and learning above nearly every
> other thing and while I have a child with a genius IQ he trashed my value
> on learning by dropping out of school getting his GED when he was 14 .....
> I am also an iconoclast in many ways and it was this part of me he picked
> up and ran with...) There was a TV show on some years ago about these two
> ex-hippies who had this very greedy and materialistic kid...
> We have so thoroughly mixed our genetic pool that we frequently find
> parents having kids that seem to be strangers. You may also have a
> delightful child who never questions or disobeys. I do not know which
> would be worse...
> Take care
> Marie
> Marie L. Foster
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Absolutely right, i agree all the way. i hope my child has some similar
traits to me (or us), mostly an insatiable desire for knowledge and
truth. I do not want a mindless, never questioning, child. In the best
world, they will usually obey me when children, always question me and
everyone around them from day 1. Will not harbor irrational fears for
long, will have strong enough emotional capability to avoid violence,
and will see all humanity as equal to themselves in value. As i don't
have children yet, i realize that I am in for a big suprise no matter
what happens.