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Eva-Lise Carlstrom (
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 14:30:49 -0800 (PST)

On Tue, 11 Nov 1997, William Roh wrote:

> Reed Konsler wrote:
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> > [Can we make the world a better place?]
> >
> > Me:
> > >> Of course! What makes you think that <faith> isn't a worthy tool
> > >> in this collective endevour? I have <faith> it will succeed, despite
> > >> a lot of pessimistic evidence to the contrary.
> >
> > Sodom
> > >Now, now, You do NOT have <faith> it will succeed!! Are willing to bet
> > >your first born's life on this "faith"?
> >
> > If I said "yes" would you believe me?
> >
> > Reed
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> > Reed Konsler
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> i don't know you to be dishonest, so, if you say "yes" you would, then i
> am inclined to believe that you believe you would. Although when it came
> to actually sticking the knife in your childs chest, I think you would
> back off, if not, then i support laws to keep you from exercizing your
> "faith". In my opinion it is a gamble. If it turns out your way, then by
> luck, your "faith" appears justified. if not, then the results are
> obvious. My guess is that a blow to that faith would not discourage you
> from having faith in the future. i think that faith is a trap that is
> difficult to escape without deliberate and conscious effort. having
> never known the feeling of "faith", i do not often think about it, and
> never correlate "belief" with "true".
> Sodom


When I have a child, it will be with the understanding that by doing so I
am placing faith in the universe to be benevolent, to treat my child well.
By the act of making the choice to bear a child, I will be risking that
child's life on faith that the world can be made a better place. That is
a necessary faith to our survival.