Re: virus: The other

Brett Lane Robertson (
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 16:40:40 -0500

We seem to feel that any idea that suggests that we are all the same is
a threat to autonomy. I see this as very wrong thinking but am having a
good deal of trouble getting the idea across. (Marie)


I think the question "Are we all alike or all different?" is at the root of
many philosophies. We would do well to meditate on this point of
distinction. I haven't resolved it. There seem to be issues of enmeshment
in the first case and abandonment in the second case. I like to envision
"end of the world scenerios" with each case as an ideal (ex. "We are all
different": We come to a point in evolution where we cannot communicate
with each other..."We are all alike": We come to a point where we cease to
exist in relation to that which we are not). I lean in the direction of "we
are all alike" but assume that at the level of "gods rememberences" we have
something which distinguishes us from each other.



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