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Brett Lane Robertson (
Sun, 26 Oct 1997 14:40:51 -0500

At 07:32 PM 10/25/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>"The Glass Bead Game" isn't a pop icon like the chess game, so using these
>>ideas within the context of chess would cause it to spread faster.
>Well, I expected you to miss the point, but not by this much.
>First- please reread the sentence snipped above and tell me in what way
>this unknown game of yours would spread faster than chess.
>Secondly- we are _leaving the game alone_. The project is to design the
>*Design (in narrative description, 2-D representation, or 3-D maquette) a
>chess set with a CofV memetic content.*
Wade T. Smith


Oops ;) Miscommunication!

Of course, I'm drawing a parallel between "The Glass Bead Game" and chess.
But, I though I said that chess WOULD catch on while the other would not.
AND, my suggestion was more in line with designing pieces than changeing
rules (though could include some minor color-changes or whatever in the
board). I'll try again.

"The Glass Bead Game" is like chess in that certain pieces represent
ideas--like (in chess) a horse piece represents the knight in a king's army,
the short pointed piece represents a "Bishop"...I guess the idea is that it
takes all of these concepts [bishop, rook, pawn, king, etc.] to form the
complex. The expanded idea suggested by the bead game is that the pieces
can represent ANY ideas, not just members of a king's court.

The other parallel I was making is that the individual piece doesn't say as
much about the overall scheme of things as it does when taking into account
all pieces and their arrangement. In the bead game, the arrangement is even
less structured than in chess.

So, I was suggesting that the pieces could be renamed...their role
redefined...and that the pattern of play could be looser in the new "Chess
Set". But aside from rules and structure, of course there is still the
shape of the pieces to consider. Beads may or may not be suitable
substitutes for horses and castles?!?!


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