virus: Project in grid formation

Wade T.Smith (
Sat, 25 Oct 97 09:22:07 -0400

>- to collaborate on a piece of conceptual art


Now, David may or not be thinking about the 'icon' of the CofV, or maybe
some actual architectural thing, but- may I suggest another 'project' for
this forum.

Now, of course, (as in all good contests), I fully intend to memetically
charge this project with as many of my convictions as possible, so,
unless you have been deaf, dumb, and blind to all I've ever said,
consider yourself warned. ;-)

Other (lame and tepid IMHO) projects have been proposed, including *gack*
a tarot deck of memetic archetypes.

(Sorry, a quick trip to the bathroom was necessary there....)

Well, consider it lame and tepid if you wish- but here it is-

Design (in narrative description, 2-D representation, or 3-D maquette) a
chess set with a CofV memetic content.


1. It's pretty damned easy to throw context at things to make them
interesting. It's a little more difficult to _invent_ context.

2. A marketable (memetic) icon?

3. While chess is a game (there you go, Richard...), it is also a
historical and cross-cultural memetic artifact, understood (in a vital,
primal sort of way?) by individuals as well as societies. I would need a
post the size of one of Brett's to even begin to list the cultural
allusions chess provides the analyst.

4. Uh, kids play chess....

If anyone else has suggested this, I missed it. Hell of a good idea....


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