Re: virus: Project in grid formation

Wade T.Smith (
Mon, 27 Oct 97 07:54:16 -0500

>Why not just re-design the pawns and leave all the other pieces alone (oh,
>because YOU'RE calling the shots).

No, I'm not calling the shots, just proscribing the project. If you want
to redesign the pawns, that is fully within the parameters.

> You MUST have something in mind here that is really

Alas, no, although it seems a moderately possible means of mainstream
incursion. I was merely thinking of things to do as exercises within
David's Raison d'Etres.

>Is this some intellectual masturbatory practice of yours, some fetish?

Well, if it is, I ain't alone. People have been designing chess pieces to
match their own viewpoints and belief systems for ages. (May I remind you
there is a Star Trek chess set, and a marvelous Alice in Wonderland set,
and a myriad of others... all achieved by redesigning the pieces.) You
know, even Dali may have designed a chess set.... It's kind of a memetic
version of a designer fragrance....

However, as in all good design problems, there is a lot of memetic
discovery involved inventing new forms. I am also attempting to explain
through process....

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