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Marie Foster (
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 09:54:37 -0800

Eric Boyd wrote:
> Hi;
> Marie wrote:
> > This man in his writings caused me to see that the most significant
> > aspect of the Christ meme (to get around the myth vs history issue
> which
> > I do not care about either way) is what happened in those 40 days in
> the
> > desert... The miracles, his death and resurrection, his birth (see
> > below) etc. pale in comparison to the refusal to take the devil up on
> > his offer.
> That chapter was the most amazing thing I've read in years, Marie.
> Thank you!

> ERiC

I am glad you like it. I think the entire New Testament is very
interesting on many levels. The Acts of The Apostles to me is a
description of an attempt by the first generation believers in trying to
live lives according to their understanding of Christian core beliefs.
This was (for the most part) egalitarian, and peaceful. However, they
were attacked on all fronts for these beliefs and many were killed.
However, no matter how much force was brought to bear, no matter how
many were killed, others were infected with the meme and were willing to
risk death to believe. As I see it, one way of dealing with this kind
of "irrational belief" (remember the historical context of Roman power)
was to co-op, assimilate (BORG anyone?), and twist things to maintain
the power of the state/church over the people.

Martin Luther split the Christian Church because he understood this. If
we consider the meme we can see how it has been a struggle to maintain
its integrity against forces that have tried to tear it apart. This
continues to this day.

I am glad that I have found a way to maintain my integrity. I have been
reluctant to admit here that I had a "conversion experience" in my
teens. However, it was very different to me than how it was being
reported by others. I consider it the most profound thing that has ever
happened to me. But I was expecting to feel the entrance into my person
of something external. Instead it was like I opened a door into myself
and found that He was there all along. I think I was lucky. I was a
very shy kid who could not risk doing so in public. Because of the
extreme emotionality (which in my case I can tell you was in NO way
orgiastic) of such an event, that people who experience it in a revival
or some other public venue have others around to immediately interpret
the experience to their benefit. I also feel that they do it out of
good but misguided intentions. Most churches do not want skeptics on
board if you know what I mean. But there are Christian Churches that
do, but they take some looking for.

As always