Re: virus: necessary reason

Wade T.Smith (
Mon, 10 Nov 97 08:59:35 -0500

> You are effectively trying to remove the
>subjectivity from subjective phenomena and then proudly proclaim that
>there is nothing left, the emperor has no clothes!

Yes, I am attempting to remove the subjective. It is called obtanining
empirical, objective, measurable data, and it is mandatory to making
memetics a class of cognitive, physical science, which is my goal.

I am attempting precisely that. However, I think there are clothes to
find here, or at least underwear. I am trying to separate the 'meme' from
conscious activity. And I do think any report of any event heaps other
memes on top. I am looking for distillation, so yes, a dreamer's report
of his dream is useless to this type of examination. However, an
instrumental record of the brain's activity is not.

Why are some so willing to give up the subjective? Why do some think
there is any road to travel there?

To me, memetics is not psychology. Besides, of what use is a subjective
report in any science?

Are we actually willing to make memetics a science? I know I am.

Wade T. Smith