Re: virus: The other

William Roh (
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 10:46:49 -0800

Robin Faichney wrote:
> > From: Wade T.Smith[]
> >
> > >everything (other than direct experience) is
> > >"speculation".
> >
> > Interesting.
> >
> > I would of course say the exact opposite.
> >
> So what are you sure of, Wade, if not direct
> experience? What you read in books?
> > 'Direct experience' is of course, the crux. I see no need to have an
> > 'experiencer'. Brett (and many more) hinge it all on the fact we are
> > here
> > experiencing. And what is 'direct experience'?
> >
> > Smacks of the mystic.
> >
> I bet you say that about everything you don't
> understand.
> > No Guru, No Mystic, No Teacher. (Van Morrison, the po' boy's
> > Blake....)
> >
> Pity you misquoted him, then. It's "No Guru,
> No Method, No Teacher". Maybe you were
> thinking of "Into the Mystic". Despite that
> title, I'm not sure you could call Van Morrison
> a mystic, but Blake certainly was.
> Robin

What is anyone sure of? NOTHING. We are sure of nothing. There is no
such creatur as "sure" it is a word akin to "faith". We suspect and work
with whatever has the most evidence to support it. I suspect i exist,
and from what I can tell, some othe poeple do to. As I have no evidnce
to the contrary, and some in favor of, I suspect that i exist. As some
of us have stated over and over, the scale is "More likely" and "Less
Likely" for many of us. If this point isn't undersood, then we will
spend forever battling with semantics.