Re: virus: PHY/PHIL: Holographic Universe

William Roh (
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 11:02:25 -0800

Christopher Whipple wrote:

> The Holographic Universe is indeed a wonderful book, however I think it
> was Michael Talbot who wrote it instead of David...

Dammit, I keep doing this, I'll look first from now on - yes it was

>It deals with the
> concepts of the mind and the entire universe acting in the manner of a
> computer with the newest holographic or multi-phase technology. Sometime
> I'll write up a TECH response (when I have the time) on just how this new
> form of technology works...along with the rumors of a new HD technology
> coming out of Rochester NY in time for the new year.

i have often "speculated" about the concept of a multi-phasic universe,
and i like the idea a lot, but I do not have the mathematical skills to
pursue the concept very far - I can however, speculate about the
ramifications of this concept should it prove to be true. i have heard
about some of the newwer technologies, but not that much, please share.

> To sum things up quickly... actually, things can't be summed up quickly
> with this book. Dealings in metaphysics, unexplained phenomena,
> philosophy and the inner working of the human mind are all toyed with in
> this book - a wonderful read if you can get around to it.

I didn't really like the book much because I thought that michael
himself was unstable - BUT - some of his ideas were quite thought
provoking. It did change the way I look and the conscious mind
> It changed the way I looked at things in that it offered a viable solution
> to so many of the things I had problems believing in - of course, any
> idea presented in a rational and logical manner would most likely have the
> same effect. You be the judge...

i left the rest of the quote hoping others will pick up the book