RE: virus: Together or Not

Brett Lane Robertson (
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 00:35:43 -0500

>However- before you went off the handle, I was ready to consider the
>Chaos/Order thing- and also ready for a more controlled and level
>response about where and in what 'notes' you found this reference to the
>Primary Meme
Wade T. Smith


Apology accepted. The "notation" is posted at:

As this is just a model, I guess its usefulness is more in how valid it is
(if it holds together logically), its replicablility (if it can be
reproduced using another model...history, for example), how well it explains
what is known, how well it predicts the outcome of certain
manuplations...all this instead of how is it "referenced". I
"constructed"--though--it to explain what I understood...and it holds up for
the uses I put it to ("memetics"--it wasn't at first--psychology, sociology,
philosophy, history...).



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