Re: virus: Together or Not

Brett Lane Robertson (
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 01:05:54 -0500

Just watch the process happen. It is there to be seen in every infant, as
its hardware and software develop to the point where the *I* phenomenon
(which I doubt is a meme) happens. It is well established that the
conceptual distinction between self and environment occurs in stages.

Surely this individual development is similar to the progression to larger
and differently-organized brains that occurred during our evolution.



Is this like saying "watch the bald baby grow dark hair" but "I doubt that
hair is genetic" (being developmental...hardwired..."soft" wired?).

But otherwise, excellent point...this is how I do this to...watching normal
development. But I would say that (isn't it obvious) "I" IS a meme. But
the theory behind this assumption is that developmentally, we select for
characteristics which encode the environmental circumstances within which
they have survived. That is, developmentally, we must progress through
these ordered "stages" which show groups of characteristics arranged in a
memetic pattern.



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