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Hello again.

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Marie Foster ( wrote:

>David McFadzean wrote:
>>Marie Foster wrote:
>>>If we can not get beyond this first erroneous meme, I contend we will
>>>never move as a species to a new evolutionary level.

>>If it wasn't for this "erroneous meme" as you call it, we would still
>>be animals by today's standards. Personally I see culture as our
>>greatest creation.

>I sort of feel that it was a necessary step that we needed to take that
>led to identity. But identity that obliterates our connection is not
>healthy. Identity and personality are real. It is the ego that clings
>to autonomy that I have trouble with.

I do not allow insects into my "personal space". It is not that I hold
any immediate fear of the little beasties. It is simply part of the
culture I was raised in, and seeing little harm in it, I make no effort
to change it. The reason it is part of this culture is that not only
does it thwart infestation, but it might save your life.

Seeing the universe as divided into "us and them" has the drawback of
negating possible benifits from nature, but it has the distinct
of removing debilitating influences, such as disease.

Members of a group that have this mentality will propogate over
those that do not IF nature holds threats that are greater than
the advantages. Otherwise, members without this mentality will
genetically beat out those that do.

The faults of the world cannot be laid at the feet of identity.

Corey A. Cook

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