Re: virus: Together or Not

Marie Foster (
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 12:41:12 -0800

Tom Parsons wrote:
> At 10:30 PM 11/23/97 -0700, you wrote:
> >At 06:00 PM 11/24/97 +1300, Tom Parsons wrote:
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> >>Just watch the process happen. It is there to be seen in every infant, as
> >>its hardware and software develop to the point where the *I* phenomenon
> >>(which I doubt is a meme) happens.

Hmmm I like this idea. I do believe that some experimentation has been
done to determine the progression. I do not know the specifics so I can
not say if the science was good... But it seemed to sync with my
recollections when my son was an infant. I still think that *I* is a
meme. It is useful for self organization and recognition. Personality,
identity are needed to function. I think that if it is a continuum,
then when it may go wrong is around the autonomy - ego phase.

I wonder how our rearing affects the growing ego. I think as I try to
conceptualize it, the problems seem to crop up then. Certainly, the
science surrounding child neglect seems to imply that kids do not learn
empathy without a close and attentive caretaker connection. From this
view smacking kids around also would probably lead a child to a negative
view of "other"....

More grist for the mill.