Re: virus: Together or Not

Marie Foster (
Wed, 26 Nov 1997 10:43:02 -0800

Brett Lane Robertson wrote:
Marie originally said

> I for one am curious as to what you did mean by note.

> List,
> I have a hard time conveying the process by which I come up with new ideas.
> I study, jot down impressions, work up a thesis, map out possibilities, and
> check these possibilities against my original impressions. These ideas are
> re-worked over a period of time and examined to see how they fit the "whole"
> of my impressions across different theoretical musings. Also, more of what
> I read, and more of what I "think", and more of what I work out influences
> the final idea...which is "notated" or graphed and to which I refer when I
> am considering new information. I thought "notes" was a good word to convey
> this process (of notation). I am long enough out of school that I don't
> automatically assume that "noting" something involves "taking notes". I am
> defensive because people assume that I must have used someone elses ideas to
> come up with my own...most are quite original, though.
> Brett
> ps...lighten up? is this a pre-requisite for memetics?

Perhaps lightness is a pre-requisite for a course in memetics.... I am
not sure however.

There is not a single day that passes for me with my participation that
I do not add a new miracle to my log.

My notation for today includes the following:

Brett provided an entirely new way of thinking about how to keep track
of ideas in a graphical manner.

What happened to me is this Brett. I have been working on my colored
pencil art and my glass work recently (though not as much time as I
would like). Until you said what you said here, I thought of art as
representation or non-representation. What you gave me is the idea that
I need to work on my art to convey my belief system. My neurons thank