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Wed, 26 Nov 1997 11:28:19 -0700

At 06:52 PM 11/24/97 +0000, Ken Kittlitz wrote:

>But don't traditional religions use such prescriptions all the time, more
>or less successfully? I agree it is somewhat dishonest and hyprocritical,
>but in some cases can the end justify the means? One instance where I

Not if the end is to excoriate dishonesty and hypocrisy.

>think it did is Richard B.'s use of button-pushing in _Virus of the Mind_
>to teach people how to avoid having their buttons pushed (you brought up
>this example a week or two ago).

I don't think Richard B. was being dishonest or hypocritical when he
did that.

>Sure, a Virian religion that made use of the Virian sins to draw people in
>would be less elegant than one that didn't, but I'm willing to bet it would
>be more successful. And perhaps its hypocracy would be forgivable if in the

More popular maybe, but that isn't the only criterion for success.

>long run it made pan-critical rationalists out of its members. If Virus
>doesn't adopt the tactics of conventional religions at some point, I doubt
>it it will ever move beyond the stage of choir practice. (Yes, even though
>we often don't sing in tune, the members of this list are the Virian Choir ;-)

One of the purposes of the CoV experiment is to falsify the hypothesis that
it is necessary to use dishonest methods to propagate a religion. I concede
that the spread of Virus is going slower than initial estimations but I'm
not ready to give up yet. :)

If you and Tom Parsons would like to pursue the same agenda along another
vector (The Church of Perpetual Revelation, for instance) then I will gladly
set up a mailing list and website for you.

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