Re: virus: _____ of Virus

Marie Foster (
Tue, 25 Nov 1997 08:58:20 -0800

Ken Kittlitz wrote:

> (I think) Tim P. was saying: that some parts of human nature are difficult
> enough to fight against that your agenda might be better served by
> leveraging off of or subverting them in some way than in opposing them
> directly.

This has been my point all along. Well said. I keep thinking that if
we can find the point in development where the *bad* memes start
propagating and place a tiny correction, we would accomplish a great
deal for future generations. Lets face it, if we hope to create a
better place in our own life times, we might be a little over ambitious.

But think of the legacy for the future... I can not help but think of
the idea in chaos theory that a butterfly's wings can cause a
hurricane. Now, if we can approach this with the wisdom to nudge rather
than to try to destroy...