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Brett Lane Robertson (
Tue, 25 Nov 1997 19:05:39 -0500

This has been my point all along. Well said. I keep thinking that if
we can find the point in development where the *bad* memes start
propagating and place a tiny correction, we would accomplish a great
deal for future generations. Lets face it, if we hope to create a
better place in our own life times, we might be a little over ambitious. (Marie)


If you are interested...'I' tend to think that the developmental point in
history when Buddhism developed was this "point in development where the
*bad* memes start propagating" (or its equivalent in an individual). That
is, the idea of "object permanence" should not be limited to the idea that
the only permanent object which might exist is void, or nothing. This seems
to have happened historically because the *feminine* element of "control"
became too prominent (and many would call this a masculine element, which I
argue is due to the fact that the masculine function and the feminine
function were reversed...developmentally).

At the point in time when the individual was faced with losing his/her
individuality to the group...when the masculine (self) was threatened by a
dependence on the feminine (society) so that he could be controled by his
desires...the function of the feminine, *government* (a "family" function),
and the masculine, *religion*(shamanism, magick, security) were reversed so
that the solution to individual survival was to stop thinking, stop feeling,
stop "being" an object which could not be controled by the group. That is,
the subservient position of the male to the social ideal of Eastern
civilization allowed for a nihilistic (hopeless) position of
self-negation...which self-destruction leads to emotionalism and apathy. See...



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