Re: virus: Re: Together or Not

Marie Foster (
Tue, 25 Nov 1997 09:35:43 -0800

Corey A. Cook wrote:

> I agree that aspects of identity and other parts of reality are the
> leading causes of inter-personal conflict. However, I disagree that
> the fact of identity, of me, of the I operating system, is the cause
> of these problems, or that some method of dissolving of the operating
> system would solve these problems.


Actually, I think I understood you better than I evidenced in my
response. I agree with your point that one of the best things about
participating here is that it is an arena where we can work out our own
ideas. Sort of like honing them on other intelligences. I see this as
the strength of the internet.

Sometimes I forget that we all are here as a part of our journey. While
it seems that sometimes people seem like they have *all the answers they
need* I do not think that this is their intent and I know it is not

Your ideas are sound and it will take a while for me to incorporate them
into my own comprehension of how the *I* meme works for the good and for
the ill of humankind.

To me the aspects of autonomy and ego that go wrong have to do with the
fact that autonomy tends to make us feel we do not need interdependence
and ego makes my needs somewhat more special than yours.

I guess if I place it on my left to right continuum, I would hope that
as we shift in development from *oneness* to *separateness*, we can
alleviate the aloneness.

As an only child and now an orphan, and from a very small family to
begin with. I bring my own desire for connectedness to the table here.