Re: virus: Together or Not

Brett Lane Robertson (
Sun, 30 Nov 1997 20:26:39 -0500

I need to explain more the ah ha that your message about taking notes
graphically. I often sketch while I am in meetings or some kind of
lecture. I rarely write down ideas. But now when I go into a meeting I
find myself making notes out of the sketches.... Very interesting
phenomonen as I tend to remember the ideas better with the sketches than
taking notes or not taking notes... Your idea just set me in mind that
this was an option that I had not explored. My experiment along these
lines is to use my 'notes' sketches in either my colored pencil drawings
or my glass and see what comes of it. It would be very interesting to
show such a piece to another person who had been at the same lecture or
meeting and find them recognizing the idea! What about someone who was
not at the same event...

Not likely, but if it did?



That would be a good memetic experiment to show whether a symbol or graphic
can encode information in a way that it can be used to pass on the
information (from a meeting) to another (who had not been there). I expect
that it would work!



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