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Brett Lane Robertson (
Sun, 30 Nov 1997 20:26:35 -0500

Anyway, so to answer your question... No I do not see government as more
feminine than male. But the reason is that government is a way to
structure many families together for the good of all (and usually for
protection from "the others").

That is where I am at in my reasoning at this time. But I am open to
having my ideas changed.



While I agree that the "tribe" or the "society" is a structure that takes
several balancing entities. I see two main cornerstones to be security and
health. I am making an argument that security is feminine and health
masculine on the ground that security is a "gatherer" function and health a
"hunter" keeps security and one promotes health. There are
rules for keeping things...rules develop from ruliings and the "rule"
(measure)--one can measure what one has. Because one does not have a
measure of health, one must use prophecy and incantation to promote health.
Prophecy, incantation, these are hunter qualities and therefore male. As a
structural balance within the tribe, then, I contrast government from
religion (magic). The first, gathering and holding on-to, I see as
feminine. The second, seeking and promoting, I see as male. I disagree
that men have a truely "family" nature (as in gathering and holding in "nesting"). Not to disagree with your Grandfather's diary,
but I assume there was a bit of projection going on (the grandfather seeing
himself through the eyes of the feminine) or that the actual experiences
grandpa had of being male were re-written from a hetero perspective after
sexual heterogeny set in.



Chicken Soup, n.:
An ancient miracle drug containing equal parts of
aureomycin, cocaine, interferon, and TLC. The only ailment
chicken soup can't cure is neurotic dependence on one's
Arthur Naiman, "Every Goy's Guide to Yiddish"