Re: virus: _____ of Virus

Paul Prestopnik (
Mon, 1 Dec 1997 10:39:30 -0500

> >One of the purposes of the CoV experiment is to falsify the hypothesis
> >it is necessary to use dishonest methods to propagate a religion. I
> >that the spread of Virus is going slower than initial estimations but
> >not ready to give up yet. :)
> The slow growth might be due to a lack of proselytizers. Perhaps CoV
> hire a marketer ;->
This is an example of how the e-mail "chain letter" idea could help. If
the email is about memes and meta memes, then by definition it will spread
the holy writ of the CoV, plus if we include some sort of feedback, it will
allow study of how a meme actually travels. I would be interested in
implementing this idea if others would be willing to help (feedback, and
distribution). What does everyone think?