Re: virus: _____ of Virus

Tim Rhodes (
Mon, 1 Dec 1997 10:26:39 -0800 (PST)

On Mon, 1 Dec 1997, Paul Prestopnik wrote:

> This is an example of how the e-mail "chain letter" idea could help. If
> the email is about memes and meta memes, then by definition it will spread
> the holy writ of the CoV, plus if we include some sort of feedback, it will
> allow study of how a meme actually travels. I would be interested in
> implementing this idea if others would be willing to help (feedback, and
> distribution). What does everyone think?

A chain letter with a brief explaination of what a meme is and the
istructions to pass it on lest ill fortune befall you and your loved ones?

-Prof. Tim