Re: virus: Spirituality-Science Compatibility

Marie Foster (
Sun, 30 Nov 1997 12:25:57 -0800

Robin Faichney wrote:
> Hi Eric
> Thanks for this. I'm currently in discussion with David
> re web space and maybe a mailing list on his system.
> I'll send a message to virus if/when it's up.
> At the moment I'm thinking of calling it Synthesis,
> with the brief description: "Promoting the philosophy
> of reconciliation, especially between science and
> religion". The switch from "spirituality" to "religion"
> is for PR purposes -- I still think the former's more
> accurate, but the latter isn't actually at all misleading.
> As you may know, the title comes from Hegel's
> concept of the dialectic, in which the synthesis
> resolves the contradiction between the thesis and
> the antithesis.
> Robin

I have been reading about your idea with some interest Robin. If my
life were not so dang busy right now... Keep us up to date with the
progress. It sounds great.