Re: virus: E-Mail Thought Contaigion

Casper K. Clausen (
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 08:41:46 +0100 (MET)

On Mon, 1 Dec 1997 wrote:

[I doubt I've posted to the list before, although I've lurked for a bit.
I'm a Dane, 23, male, overweight, CS major and systems admin/developer,
always game for a piss-up and very happy they're _finally_ putting up xmas
ornaments all over town :]

[Jake posted something he wrote a while ago, which pointed out ways in
which religion is detrimental to the human race. I snipped the piece for

> Perhaps some editing, tone changing, and a different audience could
> ressurect this and put it to good use. I would be interested to hear
> anyone's thoughts on this.

Impressive: This piece more or less exactly fits my views on these
subjects. I especially like the passages about after-life and morality.

However, I believe this piece serves a purpose somewhat different from the
original intention of contagion via email. For the contagion to be
succesful, I propose that it merely seeks to explain memetics (and
itself), without offering any critiques of established memes. This will
allow it to spread further and faster, thus greatly incrasing the number
of vectors for memetics (at, admittedly, a very basic level).

Once this contagion is well under way, and also documented to a certain
degree, we might consider sending out something along the lines of your
piece, Jake. If we were to send it along the same channels as the first
meme, we would (hopefully) be able to detect any changes in the pattern
of infection. This, I belive, would yield more useful information as well
as giving the meme a better chance to spread (more potential hosts which
have been better prepared).


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