Re: virus: Saints

Marie Foster (
Wed, 03 Dec 1997 12:38:17 -0800

rpc man wrote:
> >For me, the idea that all of what we see came from *nothing* seems to
> >lack anything to compell it.
> And a god more powerful than the entire universe and able to create it
> that came from nothing is a more rational idea?
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OK this is an argument that we can run circles around all day and
neither will win. Your idea of god is what is the matter here not mine.

I do not need to explain. And I have had a running battle with these
arguments all my life. No matter. What I find so offensive is the self
centeredness of the atheist belief. And it is belief - faith. Faith in
man's understanding. Our history has taught us NOTHING. So pat
yourself on the back. Join the flat earthers and the fellow who thought
we should close the patent office as everything worth inventing had been

The big bang is just our future myth anyway. I love Einstein, but I
want to be able to travel faster than light... Ruined science