Re: virus: Saints re:blind atheism

rpc man (
Wed, 03 Dec 1997 14:12:04 PST

>To conclude that it is some type "default position" is lazy and
>closed minded.

Although I agree that some atheists can be dogmatic and annoying, I
disagree with this last statement. Take my son for example. He is two
years old and converses on numerous subjects yet since my wife and I
have never brought up 'god' with him, and he hasn't thought it up on his
own--he is, by default, an atheist since he lacks any sort of
affirmative belief in any sort of god. I'm sure later in life, he will
get to ponder this decision and come to his own conclusion but until
then he can't be considered a theist and everyone has to be either an
atheist or a theist. There is no 'middle ground'. 'I don't know' or 'I
haven't thought about it' means the person lacks a belief in god and is
therefore an atheist.

Atheism isn't a dirty word people. It merely describes a lack of belief
in god.

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