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Sodom (
Wed, 03 Dec 1997 18:13:48 -0500

Marie Foster wrote:

> OK this is an argument that we can run circles around all day and
> neither will win. Your idea of god is what is the matter here not
> mine.
> I do not need to explain. And I have had a running battle with these
> arguments all my life. No matter. What I find so offensive is the
> self
> centeredness of the atheist belief. And it is belief - faith. Faith
> in
> man's understanding. Our history has taught us NOTHING. So pat
> yourself on the back. Join the flat earthers and the fellow who
> thought
> we should close the patent office as everything worth inventing had
> been
> invented.
> The big bang is just our future myth anyway. I love Einstein, but I
> want to be able to travel faster than light... Ruined science
> fiction...
> Marie

Geez, you can't stand the idea that Atheists simply require evidence
to believe. You call that self-centered - HA. Belief is self centered.
It is using the flawed tool of brain with the super flawed tool of heart
to twist reality to what you want it to be. Faith is the ultimate
selfishness as it supposes that the all powerful god gives a shit about
the "special" individual. People pray and ask for special treatment,
favors etc. EVERYTHING you see is a lie by the time it makes it to your
consciousness and YOU know that. Everything you feel is a lie to make
you "feel" better about yourself and you know that too. . We can
convince our minds to let us see whatever we want, what you want to see
is the god you can like.

You are continualy using words that don't apply to most atheists here -
faith is one of them. I suppose it might look that way, but if you want
to callit that, at least our "faith" has shed light on the universe that
EVERYONE can't help but see and see in the same way. no other "faith" I
am aware of can make that claim.

To say that our history has taught us nothing is also a lie to protect
yourself from the fact that man is no longer a beast, or divine. He is
an evolved animal that is learning to reason and create BEYOND what
mother nature easily makes The best thing that history has taught us, in
my opinion, is that we dont need to get on our knees and pray - beg is
more like it - from some mythical entinty to grant us forgivness for

you have modified the age old term "god" to suit your needs. You usually
go to the dictionary for these things, go look up "god" right now. I'm
willing to bet that the first definition includes omniscience or
omnipotence and something about being the creator. Our definition of
"god" is the world standard, by about 90%.

As for traveling the speed of ight, I suspect that we will - not in real
space, but through twisted or warped space, eventually. There are
several papers about it on the net.

You have chosen theism for youself because you have the emotional need
to. I can accept that. Don't call me self centered for not feeling that
need. Man's understanding is like a box with the lid off of it. It can
be empty or it can be full, but we don't yet know how big the box is or
how much it can hold. I just know that it can hold a lot more than it
has now. That is as far as the belief goes, the box can hold more, and I
could be wrong. "faith" allows no such outlet.