virus: Saints
Thu, 04 Dec 1997 15:35:15 -0600

Robin wrote:
>Wade T.Smith[]
>> And the entire idea of 'saints' disturbs me. Always did, always will.
>> There will never be a saint amongst us here, I hope.
> I treasure these rare gems of agreement between us, Wade.
> The whole "saint" thing is really cheesy.
>> 'Holy people' in general turn my stomach.
> For me, some do, some don't. Most stink of self-delusion
> and hypocrisy, but not the Dalai Lama, for example.

Not so fast. Saints aren't just for thiests. Anyone that is famous for
virtue could be called a saint. We just need to decide what virtues we
want in
our saints. And we do want saints. Sainthood might be one of the
bandwidths on which to spread the word.

one:Did you hear about that new church?
two:Not yet, what do they belive?
one:I'm not sure, but they named Darwin as one of thier saints.

How could you pack more information into a single statement?

We can also use saints as harmonizing agents. We include in the list of
saints a bunch of writers and whatnot who, while not personally paragons
of CoV virtue, have given us most of our ideas. With this kind of
background information, understanding difficult concepts will be much

Corey Cook