RE: virus: atheism vs. agnosticism

rpc man (
Thu, 04 Dec 1997 14:53:39 PST

>> This is pure speculation on my part, but if Huxley was living in
>> I
>> don't think he would have a problem referring to himself as an
>> atheist.
>For someone plugging a biography of him, you don't
>seem to know much about his thinking. There was a
>lot more to his concept of agnosticism than this.

I stated that I hadn't read his biography. I did read Darwin's written
by the same author which contained much on Huxley though. Perhaps you
can be so kind as to elaborate on how I have misinterpreted Huxley's
concept of agnosticism and why you think he wouldn't consider himself an
atheist (or someone who doesn't believe in god) in the 1990s?

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