Re: virus: Limiting

Marie Foster (
Mon, 08 Dec 1997 08:32:08 -0800

Eric Boyd wrote:
> Marie Foster <> wrote:
> > And I have tried to not say Neener Neener either. Even if any one on
> > this list COULD make something from nothing... Atheism is so limiting
> > of possibility.
> Not true at all -- atheism, as has been said before, is not a religion
> (like the Buddha said: "The God's have nothing to do with religion") --
> however, it is certainly possible to build a religion on top of the atheist
> foundation (like Virus). If restricting ourselves to honesty and evidence
> is "limiting", then I guess you're right -- but I for one feel that it is
> always better to know the truth than to hide behind illusion, no matter how
> comforting.
> "I'm an atheist, and truth to myself is first, empathy for
> all of humanity is second, and reverence of life today
> is third." -- Marci Chitwood
> Besides, I don't call myself a freethinker for nothing.
> ERiC

Eric... I do not have ANY problem with proof. I have asked here a
number of times of different individuals as to what proof they would
need? So far none has responded. Perhaps this approach would get us
closer to understanding. You see, I think it is our concept of what god
is or means that may be the problem in understanding. (BTW all the
proof I need is 65 AND 14. I will let you sort that out.)