virus: Limiting

Eric Boyd (
Thu, 04 Dec 1997 18:48:02 -0500

Marie Foster <> wrote:
> And I have tried to not say Neener Neener either. Even if any one on
> this list COULD make something from nothing... Atheism is so limiting
> of possibility.

Not true at all -- atheism, as has been said before, is not a religion
(like the Buddha said: "The God's have nothing to do with religion") --
however, it is certainly possible to build a religion on top of the atheist
foundation (like Virus). If restricting ourselves to honesty and evidence
is "limiting", then I guess you're right -- but I for one feel that it is
always better to know the truth than to hide behind illusion, no matter how

"I'm an atheist, and truth to myself is first, empathy for
all of humanity is second, and reverence of life today
is third." -- Marci Chitwood

Besides, I don't call myself a freethinker for nothing.