Re: virus: Limiting

tom.holz (
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 14:14:30 -0500

>So, lets vote. I for one remember someone saying that "no theists need
>apply for sainthood." Can theists be members of this congregation?
>Your choice. If you vote no then I am outa here. I do not have the
>time left in my life to waste.

It's looks like virus was meant for atheists, but other usefull memes are
supposed to be assimilated. I think the problem might be stated as: Many
atheists have strong anti-theist memes, and reject all/some/most variants
<god> without examining potential usefullness.. So all sorts of memetic
defenses are triggered when you talk about god this and god that. The
subsequent discussion takes precedence over anything else, so the list
sometimes goes on a tangent.

reminding you:
Virtues: Reason, Empath, Vision
Sins: Dogmatism, Apathy, and Hypocracy.