Re: virus: Limiting

Paul Prestopnik (
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 15:30:00 -0500

> >So, lets vote. I for one remember someone saying that "no theists need
> >apply for sainthood." Can theists be members of this congregation?
> >Your choice. If you vote no then I am outa here. I do not have the
> >time left in my life to waste.
> It's looks like virus was meant for atheists, but other usefull memes are
for virus to fulfill it's mission it cannot be completely closed to
theists. We may try to convert them, but I think that an open attempt of
conversion would cause too many to leave. There are two paths that CoV can
take. If we are not open to Theists, we can market the CoV toward a
Atheist/Agnostic audience, and hope to convert a substantial number there,
and then change tactics and move into the theist realm. Alternatively, we
can attempt to ignore religion as much as possible. Tell converts and
disciples that they are free to make there own decisions about religion;
that CoV does not reject any religious belief or require any religious
beliefs (this is kind of similar to both the masons and Scientology, except
I think Mason's require a belief in a supreme being). We could simply
teach critical thinking and the meta-memes, and when people learn enough
about these, many will voluntarily become atheists/agnostics. I personally
think the church has a better chance to succeed with the second approach.
What does the rest of the parish think? ... David, do you have a title,
"high priest", "founder", "pope", etc. Are we all popes?
-paul prestopnik