Re: virus: Limiting

Wade T.Smith (
Tue, 9 Dec 97 23:37:12 -0500

>What got me upset is that someone suggested here that anyone who thought
>differently was mentally inbred... That was pretty insulting on a
>personal level.

Yes, indeed.

'Theism is mental inbreeding.'

It is my own phrase and I stand by it completely. It is insulting, ain't
it? (if you want it to be.) Kinda like asking us to accept 'mystery' as

It is meant in precisely the same way as the 'Thou Art God' in _Stranger
in a Strange Land_ is meant- Any attempt to proclaim the godlike as
supernatural is bullshit.

In a strange way- we are in some frame of agreement, I think. But Occam
tends to take hold and regards such multiplicity of entities as 'deities'
to be fruitless and irrelevant. And that is my position. You seem to like
adding these entities. Is not simplicity next to godliness?

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