Re: virus: Limiting

tom.holz (
Tue, 09 Dec 1997 19:32:59 -0500

>I came here expecting to find people who understood or were looking for
>an understanding of memetics. How ideas frame our existence. Certainly
>theism and atheism and agnosticism are memes.

Complicated memes with wonderfully evolved defense mechanism, too! I've
been loving this debate from a memetic perspective, and just waiting for
someone to expose it as natural selection in action.

>You have the right to choose the memes you wish to define you. I have
>the same right. Respect is all I ask. What is it that you want from

Memes want/need to reproduce, and have developed very complex ways of doing
so. It's their nature. You are infected with <respect> and trying to
transmit it to everyone else just the way they promote <atheism>. Who is
to say one is better than the other? Natural selection is amoral (I know,
I've seen nature shows where really cute animals do really _uncute_ things).

me <meme>, me happy!
you not <meme> :(
you should <meme> :)

whoops, gotta go...