Re: virus: Limiting

Marie Foster (
Tue, 09 Dec 1997 16:37:21 -0800

rpc man wrote:

> When have I disrespected you? You seem to take my honest questions as
> some sort of attack on your beliefs. I do not intend them as such. I was
> merely asking for an answer to the questions and hints you have been
> dropping in your messages. I could care less if you and/or everyone else
> in the world believed in things completely different from me. I'm not
> trying to win converts to my way of thinking. I'm merely curious as to
> why people believe as they do, and definitions are needed before
> questions can be asked.
> Peace!

You left out the part about theists being mentally inbred. While this
may have not come from you, it seemed like most of the self professed
atheists on the list seemed to concur. And while I am physically in
good shape at 51 I find it hard to remember just exactly who said what
here. And I do not have enough time to go back and check on every
detail. So if I impuned you, please believe that I did not intend to do

Why call anything other than what it is? I hardly feel adequate to
respond. Humans define their reality on the basis of language. I tend
to oversimplify things for ease in remembering :0)

It is easy for me to remember that there is really only one thing
everywhere. Then mankind gets busy dividing it up. I allow really only
one division before I shout stop. Let us then divide the known from the
unknown and call it even. I am no different from you in that regard. I
am always pushing my nose into the unknown with the hope that I will see
better and add more in my *known* column.

The Buddhist part of my being tells me that even this division is
untrue. But the force I see is one that wants to divide and in
opposite is the one that wants to unite. I have my feet firmly in the

But all of this discussion while interesting is off the subject of

There is a god meme. I do not see this meme as evil or good. I do
think it has served useful purposes and has been misused as well. We
will never destroy it. The question remains. How can we help people
see that the only answers they need they already own?

In thought as well as deed I remain