Re: virus: Limiting

rpc man (
Tue, 09 Dec 1997 15:31:35 PST

>A simple response is that God is love. (Another thing I believe you
>would agree that there is no evidence for in the same sense that you
>require for god.)

So why not leave 'love' at being called 'love'? Why call it god?
There is ample evidence for feelings (such as love).

>A larger definition is that god is miracle, majesty, and mystery.

Again, why change the definitions of these words to include god?
How is god different from these words?

>You seem to want to restrain god
>to your view of things...

No, I'd just like to know if you only equate god with nature and
a few other nice words or if 'god' is something other than these things
in your view.

>This view has really changed
>me in that I used to be pretty miserable. Now, all I have to do is
>and take a deep breath and I feel in contact with that reality.

I feel the same way, but I still call these things by their names rather
than label everything 'god'.

>Respect is all I ask. What is it that you want from

When have I disrespected you? You seem to take my honest questions as
some sort of attack on your beliefs. I do not intend them as such. I was
merely asking for an answer to the questions and hints you have been
dropping in your messages. I could care less if you and/or everyone else
in the world believed in things completely different from me. I'm not
trying to win converts to my way of thinking. I'm merely curious as to
why people believe as they do, and definitions are needed before
questions can be asked.


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