Re: virus: Limiting

Wade T.Smith (
Tue, 9 Dec 97 14:03:04 -0500

>But I have yet to hear
>any atheist on this list tell me what they would accept as evidence.
>Are you asking me for my evidence? How would that help you determine

Yes, of course it would.

As a skeptic, I would require some tangible, repeatable, evidence, and
not any form of personal testimonial.

I am again asking for an example of what _you_ claim is evidence, because
so far, throughout history, the evidence for deities has been
consistently shown to be imagination or fraud or hoax.

So, yes, remember that _you_ are making the incredible claim- so the
burden of proof (i.e. the supplying of evidence) is on your plate.

I can make the very verifiable claim that no proof has so far- throughout
recorded history- been supplied by any theist for any of their theisms.

The personal claim of belief has never been proof. That is all I can see
you as supplying up to this point.

Wade T. Smith